Whether you're starting a new site which will have E-Commerce included, or looking for to add E-Commerce capabilities to an existing site, Fischer Software can help. We can provide your company with the best professional E-Commerce solution at a very affordable price.

We make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for items or services, our team can develop the custom E-Commerce solution perfect for your business. We can also provide expert marketing and SEO services that will drive traffic (and business!) to your site.

The process of setting up a full E-Commerce website can be very daunting and Fischer Software can do it all:
- Acquiring the domain name
- Providing you with hosting
- Construction of the site itself: professional look/feel/colors/images
- Wordpress installation and setup
- WooCommerce installation and setup
- Merchant Account acquisition 
- Perform adjustments to the site to match the requirements of your Merchant Account. Typically requirements include a Terms of Service page, shipping policy, privacy policy statement.
- Install the payment gateway (Authorize.net or another gateway). Note: Authorize.net sits in between the merchant account and WooCommerce (or other online store software running on your server).
- Perform "Trustwave certification" (PCI) which may be required by the merchant account.  
- Entry of products: product names, product descriptions, images, possible SKU numbers and intergration with accounting software/management software.
- Setting up discounts/coupons
- Setting up the tax structure  
- Website Support after site if finished.

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