Can you make my existing site updatable with your software?


Can you design a site with this updatability feature included for a reasonable price?


What part of my existing site will be updatable?

We can apply the PowerUp widget to virtually any part of a website - a block of text, an image or set of images or even an entire page. We find that most people do not want to update every aspect of every page in their site but instead would like to keep the existing look and feel and make only specific things updatabele. And this is the beauty of the PowerUp widget - it allows us to make only very specific things updateable. Things like product information, the menu for a restaurant site, daily specials special offers, news, etc.

How long does it take to learn the software?

Virtually no time at all. Just look at the demo and see how easy it is to update a site with the PowerUp Widget.

What is the value in keeping my site updated?

If you want to be “real and valid” a reader wants to know there is someone behind the screen…this can only be done with a site being updated on a regular basis. There is nothing more annoying on the web than an outdated site. An updated site means you mean business and are not just one of the 400+million sites in cyberspace. Keeping your site current is the first and foremost thing you can do to maximize your investment in it. If your site never changes, there is no reason for anyone to come back to it The PowerUp widget makes it very easy to keep your site updated!.

Do the search engines really want updated content?

YES. It is important for every business to get the site found and ranked high with search engines on terms relevant to the business. One easy way to do this is with fresh content. By adding, changing and removing content from your site, you are giving the search engines a reason to give your site a high rank. The PowerUp widget makes it very easy to add new information to your site and delete things that are old and outdated.

Do you offer training and/or assistance in using the PowerUp widget for the maximum benefit - to attain hign search engine rankings, to generate site traffic and even generate leads for my business.

Yes! We can do a phone consultation (approximately 45 minutes) or we can come out to your office for a one-on-one tutoring session and we we are even offering a group demo/training session (groups of 10) with two experts for 3 hours wich will teach you how to use the PowerUp widget for maximum effectiveness. You’ll go away not just owning and becoming comfortable with the software but also fluent with how to use this powerful software for maximum effectiveness.

What if I am using my site as just a “business card?”

While a static, glorified "business card" type of website gives your business a minimum of credibility it does not do much more. You might be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it is to take your website to a higher level with the PowerUp Widget. Watch your site visits increase and ROI skyrocket. Using the PowerUp widget in conjuction with a blog is a great way to improve your web presence. We can also set up a blog for you. A blog promotes fresh content and repeat visitors who will come back to your site to find the latest and greatest information—all from you.

Any other value?

Frequently updated websites deliver a message of action, importance and professionalism. This is key in staying ahead of the competition. Our software empowers you, the user. With it you can update your site yourself without having to go through an expensive (and not always available) webmaster.