It is possible to create a web presence without learning HTML thanks to the options available today - namely templates and wizards. However, making a change to this this kind of site requires you to either re-run the wizard from scratch or dive into the HTML - and maybe JavaScript and maybe PHP, and maybe god knows what.

The only option for updating your site -until now- has been to search out a webmasteror webdeveloper. This is very costly.

A content management system like Joomla or Wordpress does not solve this problem. These systems are now almost as complicated as HTML. To be effecient in Joomla or Wordpress you really need to take a multi day training course or spend a week or two of your time with a book and online tutorials. These systems are great for organizing teams of 5 to 10 people (or more) who all need to update a common website but the do not solve the problem of making a simple website updateable. A website constructed in Joomla or Wordpress is not simple.

But now using the PowerUp Widget you can easily and quickly update the contents of your site. To see just how easy it is, update the following paragraph by clicking on the PowerUp widget:

  • This block of text is updateable via the PowerUp Widget.
  • If you do not see your change make sure to refresh the screen.
  • Notice that what is being updated here is one very specific thing, one paragraph of text. We have found that users typically want to update only a few very specific things on their sites, they do not need to update the entire look and feel of a site every week. Unfortunately many tools require you to more or less redo everything if you want to make a chage. Most site generation wizards operate exactly that way. You must rerun the entire wizard every time you want to make a change. Ouch.
  • The Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendevous on the other hand uses the PowerUp widget to modify the block of text at the top of their front page. Easy. Simple. They do not have to rerun a wizard from scratch or call a webmaster to simply change that paragraph. They use the PowerUp widget.
  • Charles Joffee, a CPA from Schaumburg Illinois uses the PowerUp widget to update the tax tips which appear on the left side of each page on his site.
  • College Bound News uses the PowerUp widget to update 2 sections of their front page (the College Admissions Story-of-The-Day and the scrolling panel on the right).
  • The Silver Palm restaraunt in Chicago uses the PowerUp widget to update the images in the slideshow on their front page and to update their menu and specials. Notice that their menu is in a special font. The PowerUp widget is flexible and can handle it. They also update the images on their menu pages via the PowerUp widget.The PowerUp widget can do a lot.
  • The PowerUp Widget turns a static "starter" site into a dynamic asset.

Without a Real Website You Lose Your Ability To:

  • Differentiate your company
  • Create credibility within your industry
  • Spread ideas
  • Take advantage of Ranking Power with Alexa
  • Target Market
  • Benefit from the search engines bias towards sites with frequent changes.